JS3 Sports is a boutique firm providing capital and strategic advice to the sports industry

We are specialized in value creation in the sports field globally, leveraging accumulated expertise and decisive access to decision makers

What we do

OverviewJS3 Sports was founded in 2014 and chaired by sports business and media veteran Jeff Slack,
former head of football IMG, MD of Inter Milan and EVP Marketing Wasserman Media Group Europe.

What we do

We advise

Both buyers and sellers on minority or majority transactions in sports organizations or other sports businesses, working side by side with our clients, aligning objectives and maximizing results.

We help

High growth businesses to find and integrate additional financial and strategic resources to enable even faster growth.

We find

How strategic synergies can be built with investors in order to rapidly expand and access new and greater markets.

We provide

Value-adding advisory services to sports businesses with a strong focus on financial and operating performance, including valuations, development and analysis of business plans, advising on growth opportunities and strategic partnerships.

We pursue

A constant search of truly innovative and disruptive businesses in the sports industry where we can contribute with our strategic business approach, covering with an entrepreneurial mindset tech-enabled sports businesses in data, digital, media, content platforms, fan experience, software and hardware.

We facilitate

Decisive access to both US and Chinese markets, where JS3 Sports has developed enduring relationships. Particularly in China, JS3 Sports played a leading role in the development of the Chinese Super League, among other relevant projects, and stays at the forefront of new trends and developments, ultimately activating new business opportunities, and enabling access to leading industry executives and investment firms.

Our Team A Quality Experience Team with more than 20 years experience

Jeff Slack

Jeff Slack

Jeff has more than two decades of experience in athlete management, sports investments and content creation and distribution. He was Senior Vice President, Global Football at IMG for 5 years. running the global football business including leading the development of the Indian Super League and the partnership with the Chinese Super League.

Previously, he was Executive Vice President of Wasserman Media Group in Europe. At that time, he joined Wasserman after four years serving as CEO of FC Internazionale, (Inter Milan). Jeff has led, built, developed and executed numerous football sponsorship and marketing deals at top levels.

Alberto Ramon

Alberto Ramon

Alberto has accumulated more than 20 years of sports marketing/business leading experience assuming different roles and responsibilities in football clubs, leagues, federations, sports marketing agencies, mass media organizations and top brands.

He was the driver of the global successful introduction of LED perimeters in football and in sports in general, generating a new business model on commercial revenues for football clubs, has held sales roles in Wasserman and headed marketing responsibilities within the Spanish football market (League and Club roles).